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Radion was founded on the idea that one of life’s greatest adventures is life itself, and that every day is a gift to be treasured. To wake up in expectation of the excitement and wonder that awaits. To follow your dreams, your passions, to put yourself out there and take risks. To pursue what you love.

And that, we believe, is the grandest adventure; to love.Through Wedding Photography and Cinema we tell the epic story of your wedding day. We see each wedding as a unique opportunity to create something magnificent. We don’t want to just show up and capture what happens, that’s why building a relationship is so important. For us, it’s all about the story we get to tell and the experience we share with the bride and groom as they start their next adventure together.

Vlad Radion

Founder & Lead Photographer

I married my dark-haired love, and we started traveling. Exploring the Utah National Parks, we hiked everyday and I used a little dinky camera to document our adventures. We ate our way through the western states and I can still taste the coffee from the Macrina Café in Seattle. We indulged in exquisite tacos in LA, and the best Italian seafood in San Francisco.

Jumping off the Mainland, we landed in Hawaii. Even after falling out of a coconut tree (don’t ask), we enjoyed Korean BBQ on the beach almost daily. Leaving our shady cheap hotel in the morning, we’d watch the sun rise with iced coffee and camera in hand. In between hiking through lush jade-green jungle and snorkeling with man-sized tortoises, I realized that the exploration of life with my love is what matters most to me. And, that documenting it for adventure seeking couples (like you!) would be my life’s work.

As an avid outdoorsman, I’m always pushing myself–and my scars are the evidence. From falling through the ice on Payette Lake (while on a quick romantic get away–kind of a mood crusher) and crashing while mountain biking in the Boise foothills, I’d rather be at the forefront of adventure than in the back seat. I’ll take my scars over complacency any day.

I crave a life of new experiences and desperately want this for you, too. I believe photography embodies freedom and exploration, so let’s adventure together. We’re swapping the stiff posing for kayaking, the forced smiles for hiking. Pick your adventure. I’ll bring the camera.

Hear a bit more of my story in the video below!


Lead Cinematographer

I am a PNW Wedding Videographer with a love for light and taste for adventure. My passion for storytelling, specifically with a camera, has been with me for as long as I can remember and it has only grown over the years. I moved to Idaho after working at production companies in California and then Texas where I produced music videos, live tv, documentary and short films.

I had every intention of getting back on the road to Hollywood to shoot films in California. In what became a beautiful detour, I checked out Idaho first. I was inspired by the mountains and my heart found peace here. I re-charged in the wilderness and searched for guidance for the next phase of my life. I soon realized that the girl I’d been refusing to fall for would be the reason I’d stay in Idaho and live out my truest dreams.

After a few long walks with soul-connecting conversation, I knew this girl was the one: Lacie. Around her, I could be myself. We accepted each other completely and quickly found that we hated spending time apart. Our love grew and by the following summer, we tied the knot! Soon, our family started to grow and I got to work infusing touches of Hollywood into my wedding films right in the heart of Idaho. We are now enjoying our latest adventure; being parents to our son, Parker, and daughter, Emery.

I seek to live in the wonder of every day. From father to filmmaker, I document our adventures- the little magic moments that make up our lives and loves. I love building relationships with my wedding couples and creating authentic cinema that couples can replay for years to come.

You deserve the absolute best. That’s why we want to make sure we are the right choice for you.
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