About ME

I married my dark-haired love, and we started traveling. Exploring the Utah National Parks, we hiked everyday and I used a little dinky camera to document our adventures. We ate our way through the western states and I can still taste the coffee from the Macrina Café in Seattle (anyone order a latte and strawberry Nutella turnover? Oh wait, that was me). We indulged in exquisite tacos in LA (courtesy of random trucks parked on the street), and the best Italian seafood in San Francisco (RIP Mocca restaurant. You were good to us).

Jumping off the Mainland, we landed in Hawaii. Even after falling out of a coconut tree (don’t ask), we enjoyed Korean BBQ on the beach almost daily. Leaving our shady cheap hotel in the morning, we’d watch the sun rise with iced coffee and camera in hand. In between hiking through lush jade-green jungle and snorkeling with man-sized tortoises, I realized that the exploration of life with my love is what matters most to me. And, that documenting it for adventure seeking couples (like you!) would be my life’s work.

I crave a life of new experiences and desperately want this for you, too. I believe photography embodies freedom and exploration. Together, we’ll do both.


Explorers in love- let’s adventure together, on me. We’re swapping the stiff posing for kayaking, the forced smiles for hiking. 
Pick your adventure. I’ll bring the camera.



As an outdoorsman and person, I’m always pushing myself- and my scars are the evidence. From falling through the ice on McCall Payette Lake (while on a quick romantic get away- kind of a mood crusher) and crashing while mountain biking in the Boise foothills, I’d rather be at the forefront of adventure than in the back seat. I’ll take my scars over complacency any day.

Growing up in California, I spent my entire childhood outside. With my brothers and friends, we’d bike around town, get into trouble, sneak into abandoned spaces, and play a ton of basketball. My ankles were always scraped and bruised from BMXing. We’d play “who can do the dumbest trick or hit the best jump” game, which seemed to always end in tragedy. I still remember my ripped shirt and the taste of blood and sand in my mouth after face planting from hitting a jump so hard. Adventure as a child was my life and has seeped into every facet of my life today.

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My peace looks like a still lake, fishing for Idaho’s best steelhead. Blending into the environment is where I feel grounded and inspired. If you can’t find me on a quiet Sunday afternoon, check the Sawtooths, Redfish Lake, or Bulltrout Lake. I’ll be there with my favorite people, soaking in my favorite scenery. Join me?



I was 8 years old when I built a tree house with my brother. We grabbed my dad’s tools and disappeared each hot summer day to construct in the backyard. Long ago, working with wood became a part of me. Now, when I’m itching for a project, I grab my own tools and build wood furniture for our home. Wanting to connect each part of myself with my incredible Adventure Couples, I’ve custom built beautiful wooden boxes to preserve your fine prints of your wedding. Filling your heirloom box of the love adventures of your life together means your future children and grandchildren will be able to open it up and pass them around the room as they grow- inspiring their own future adventures.



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