Alex & Kennedy - Boise Idaho by Vlad Radion

It was a cold and dreary day and I couldn't reschedule my photo session with this gorgeous couple. It was raining sideways and the wind was just obnoxious. I just decided to roll the dice and just go with it. As soon as we got to the Owyhee desert, fortunately, the sun broke through the dark clouds and shone like a spot light. We only had 30 minutes of this dramatic light until in faded away behind the dark clouds. I'll be honest with you, it was all I needed to get the that lucky break. 

Geek Talk-

Gear: Canon 5D Mark iv, Canon 50mm & Canon 35mm

Lighting: Natural available light 

Location: Owyhee Desert

Jordan & Jade / Boise, Idaho by Vlad Radion

I understand that summer left a while ago and I just scraped bunch of snow off my frozen car but I wanted to share this beautiful warm session from few months ago. Feels like forever though. This shoot was for A Jaffe, a New York based Jewelry company.  Technical this wasn't a real wedding, this amazing couple was actually engaged at this time, but it was a genuine couple that madly loved each other. You'll see what I am talking about later on. This photo shoot took place at the beautiful Idaho Botanical Gardens, probably one of my favorite places just to hang out, let alone photograph. We decided to shoot in the morning so that we can get that beautiful hazy light in the background. We got extremely lucky with such amazing soft light that day. It really set the right mood. Honestly I can talk about light all day. Also, I'd like to mention her wedding gown. Yes, I am a guy but this is one beautiful Claire Pettibone dress! Anyways, I hope you enjoy these photos and get some inspiration.  

Geek Talk-

Gear: Canon 5D Mark iv, Canon 50mmL 1.2, 35mm Sigma Art and Canon 70-200mm.

Lighting: Natural available light, with reflector. 

Location: Idaho Botanical Gardens

Client: Ajaffe