Ruslan & Esther / by Lissa Rojas


    A match made in heaven; Ruslan and Esther met and set a foundation in the eyes of the lord for a happy life together. “Ruslan made the first move and asked for my number and from that point we talked everyday.” He unknowingly did something that changed their lives in the best way possible. Starting a deep relationship for a long lasting intimate friendship seemed too good to be true, but turned out to be exactly what was meant to be.

    On April 22nd their love hit a peak, Ruslan proposed to the girl of his dreams, “Of course I said yes!”. With a few months of planning, their picture perfect night became reality. With a wedding as elegant and timeless as they are, their family and closest friends helped them celebrate their most memorable night.

     Two families became one in the most stunning chapel in all of Boise. As their closest friends and family watched them take their vows and become one; there was not a dry eye in sight especially as he sang to his sweet bride. They ended their fairy tale wedding at a lovely  apple orchard. With all of their loved ones around them, they helped usher the beautiful couple to the start of the rest of their lives. “We are truly blessed.”

Film Processed by Indie film lab