Idaho Seasonal Bouquet / by Lissa Rojas

From the crisp autumn mornings to the vivid scenery you've only dreamed of, this stunning Lemon Blossom Design says it all. These fresh flowers were hand picked and put together only moments before this breathtaking shoot by none other than Laura Roving. As the chilly weather makes its presence this season so do these dainty flowers. 

Known for their sheer elegance, Dahlia flowers have been used to represent a forever lasting commitment. Yet Dahlia flowers aren't the only flowers used to symbolize intimacy, delphiniums have also been used represent a persons big heartedness making this Lemon Blossom design more than just a lovely bouquet, but a thoughtful piece too. 

Solely capable of being matched with the unique designs of local wedding dress designer Wedding Gowns by Daci. This elegant combo, compliments one another through it's rich textures and playful patterns. From a perfectly inspired boho wedding to the vintage reception you've only dream, this Lemon Blossom Design brings a sense of serenity to any occasion.