Mike & Megan - Boise Wedding Photographer / by Vlad Radion

Few weeks back, I met up Mike & Megan while they were camping in Leslie Gulch, OR. It was my first time meeting them, but after few hours together, it felt like I knew them for a while.  We spend an hour or so shooting while hiking through the gulches. Trying not to run into any rattlesnakes. Although, I still would like to see one someday and that's a see not an encounter. On the way back from our hike, we just hung out in the valley where the cars drove behind the valley and created an immense amount of dust that was backlit by the setting sun. I couldn't resist shooting with such a perfect backdrop. 

As I drove back home on a dirt road, listening to Kings of Leon, and a column of trail dust behind me. It got me thinking how beautiful it is to drive in the middle if nowhere and photograph amazing couples. 

Mike & Megan, you guys are perfect for each other.