5 Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

There are 5 very common mistakes that I see people make all the time when searching for that "perfect" wedding photographer. We're here to tell you what they are and how to avoid them!

There are certain things that you should prioritize for your wedding when searching for a photographer. We're hoping this article will help clarify any confusion you might have when booking a photographer. Happy reading!

1. Not Hiring a Cinematographer

There’s a reason that our services include cinematography. We believe that video footage is just as vital when documenting your wedding and reliving those memories. Not only does cinematography offer a dynamic revisitation of your wedding, it essentially brings your photos to life and assures that no memory or detail will be forgotten.

2. Hiring the Wrong Photographer

Your photographer can either make or break your wedding photos. If you as a couple simply don’t connect well with the photographer, chances are that your photos will show that. They can often come out looking awkward and extremely unnatural looking. For more tips on how to choose the right photographer, read our blog here:

3. Hiring without meeting the photographer

This is the easiest way to accidentally hire the wrong photographer. Meeting the photographer allows you to get a feel of how they work. You can look through more of their galleries and even talk about each other’s expectations for the wedding. Simply booking a photographer because you saw a few of their Instagram photos can quickly become a recipe for disaster.

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4. Only looking at the price tag

Your budget is obviously an important part of the wedding planning process, but there is a lot more to a photographer than just their price. More often than not, you pay for what you get. More experienced photographers tend to charge a bit more, but they also come with the knowledge of exactly what needs to be documented. Occasionally they even come with assistant photographers that allow even more details of the wedding to be documented.

5. Quality vs. quantity

This one goes hand in hand with the previous mistake. It is so easy to fall into traps of photographers promising an abundant amount of photos. While they might live up to that, it's not that difficult to click the shutter a million times. What's more important is the number of QUALITY images that the photographer takes. Shy away from photographers that advertise their quantity over quality. These tend to be full of empty promises.

We hope you found this article on the 5 common mistakes people make when hiring a wedding photographer helpful.

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