5 Reasons Why You Need to Book an Engagement Session

So you just got engaged. What do you do next? First things first, Book an engagement session! Let's talk about 5 reasons we think you absolutely NEED to book an engagement session.


Getting engaged is a big moment in your life, and taking engagement photos allows you to capture this special memory! It’s all about having fun! Our word of advice is to go somewhere/do something that is special to the both of you. Just enjoy the both of you doing something you love and capturing the real relationship!


Doing an engagement session is a great warmup for the big day! We know that everyone doesn’t go around posing or at photoshoots on a daily basis, and what better time to practice than at your engagement session!


Have the same photographer. Being able to have the person taking your wedding photos understand you is SO important! Having the same photographer for both your engagement shoot and your wedding shoot allows you to get to know each other and feel comfortable with one another. That way, on your wedding day you will have no concerns about how the photos will turn out!


What do you do after the engagement photoshoot? There are so many pictures, so put them to good use! Don’t just keep them on a flash drive and look at them once in a while; there are so many different ways to use the photos!

  • Save the Date cards: This is the most common way that most people use their engagement photos. Choose a few favorites and start sending those cards!
  • Guestbook: There are so many ways to include your engagement photos into the guestbook. You can include your photos on the front cover or even throughout the book where the guests can sign.
  • Wedding decor: What better way to use your engagement photos than to incorporate them at your wedding. Framing and hanging engagement photos around the venue add an amazing touch to the place, and guest love to see them as well!
  • Around the house: More than likely you will need to decorate your new house after you get married. While you wait for wedding photos, don’t leave the walls bare! Hanging a few of these around the house will make it feel so much more homey, and bring a smile to your face every time you look at them!

We know that getting engaged is a big deal, and we know that taking engagement photos can be used in so many ways. These are just a few of many ideas. Use your creativity and let us know if you come up with any other amazing ideas!

We want to hear your engagement stories! The romantic, the comical, we want them all. Tell us yours in the comments below. Did you do an engagement session?? How was your experience?


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