Hard Time Choosing Photos for your wedding Album?

When it comes to choosing wedding photos for your own personalized wedding album, many couples have a hard time.

We understand that through your 1000+ photos it is hard to narrow it down to under 100 photos. After all, this album will live to see your children and their children after. What a keepsake that is! Radion Photography & Cinema offers multiple package options for their clients and the best part is that they all have the option of including an album. 

Where do I Even Start? 

Since you have now purchased your album and the number of spreads that it contains, the question you are probably now asking yourself is ‘How do I choose the best photos to create my album the best that it can be?’ No worries! That is what we are here for. First things first, create a couple sections of the main events from your wedding day. Creating multiple folders is probably the best bet here. These could be titled something like this: “getting ready,” “first look,” “bridal party,” “ceremony,” “portraits,” “cocktail,” “reception” and “dancing & party.” The next step would be to choose 10-20 of your favorite photos from each of those events to end with around 80-100 photos. Based on the amount of spreads or images that you ordered, your range can be dialed down or up. There is no requirement on the number of photos each section contains, just as long as your max photos are met. After all, this is YOUR album, not ours. 

Did I Leave any Photos Out? 

You may be asking yourself “Did I leave any of the good photos out?” Here’s the deal, your wedding album isn’t about choosing the best photos or every photo in this case. It’s about creating a lifelong memory that can be an heirloom and treasure. It’s about creating YOUR love story through images so that you can relive it through photos over and over again. Narrowing down your photos allows your story to be told through the most important and memorable aspects of that day. 

Do Some of the Photos Contain the SAME Message? 

The key to creating the most perfect album is to create your story just the way it should be. Leave out the doubles. Many images are similar in the sense that one tiny detail is changed but the overall image is basically identical to the other. Some couples choose to leave out their engagement photos and strictly make this album about their wedding day and make a whole separate one with their engagement photos. This is totally optional. Just another idea to keep in mind. Generally, wedding couples include photos of ‘before the ceremony.” This may include the Venue, Bride and Groom getting ready and Bridal and Family photos. 

Mr. and Mrs. Has a Nice RING to it… 

Did someone say ceremony? WE DID! Walking down the aisle, ring exchange and the first kiss are typical in the ceremony. If there is a reception, adding a few candids are worth including in your album. Photos of your guests having a great time mingling and enjoying their time are moments will make you smile when you look back. 

Some couples choose to end their album with a photo of their honeymoon destination, the car they drove off in or simply a photo of the two having a great time. The sky is the limit with possibilities, just stay focused on your overall album. What would be a memorable way to end YOUR one-of-a-kind album? 

Keep in Mind… 

when deciding which photos not to include and include, it’s the ones that were the most memorable to YOU. No matter what anyone says, what you want to include is the BEST choice for YOUR album! 

We are beyond excited to make your dream wedding album your family heirloom!

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