Taking your engagement photos is one of the first things you do after you get engaged.

They are, after all, the photos used for the invitations, at the wedding, and probably all over your Instagram. You found the perfect photographer, the perfect location, but just can’t figure out what to wear. Should you go casual or dress up? Matching outfits or whatever you want? We’re here to give you some awesome but insightful tips to consider on what to wear to your engagement session!


First things first, your location is important to know before you choose your outfit! Although the scenery behind you may be beautiful, you as a couple need to stand out. While you don’t want your outfits to stand out like a sore thumb, you also don’t want to blend in. If you’re taking your photos in front of dark rocks, it’s probably not a good idea to wear clothing that completely blends in! Find clothes that work well with the color scheme around you, but still have just enough contrast for you and your significant other to stand out makes for absolutely stunning photos!


When it comes to how dressed up you get, it is important to remember one thing: reflect your style as a couple! The style of your wedding day also reflects the both of you, and you will most likely have photos of your engagement session at the wedding. That being said, if you are having an extremely elegant wedding, have your outfits for the engagement shoot show that. The engagement photos are the first glimpse of what your wedding style will be, so show it off!


Most couples opt for outfits that photograph well together, and we would suggest that too. Staying within the same color scheme and/or style usually counts for better photos. Have fun with this; there are so many different ways your clothing can complement one another!

While none of these tips are definitive rules, we hope this helped ease you a bit when deciding what to wear for the engagement shoot! If you loved reading “Engagement Photos - What to Wear” be sure to explore more of our blog or visit our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA2g9SYGTX3DdBgmeRBhwGA.

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